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Repair & Replacement Guide

The Dangers of Windshield Repair Kits

Consumers may be trying to save time and money by purchasing a "do-it-yourself" windshield repair kit when they notice auto glass damage on their vehicle. There are many types of vehicle maintenance you can easily do at home, but the best auto glass repair requires skilled technicians and top repair products.

The Safelite difference

Safelite AutoGlass® uses certified technicians and the best and latest windshield repair technology, which makes an important difference in the quality and confidence you can have in your repair over a DIY windshield repair kit.

Primer solution: A primer solution is first used to remove impurities and to clean out auto glass damage to prepare for resin. Safelite's newly enhanced primer process is a superior product. Using a good primer enhances the cosmetic appeal of a repair and can help minimize the visibility of the damage. Self repair kits may not contain a top-quality primer.

Quality of the resin: The resin is the important solution that is injected to fill and seal the damage during a repair. Safelite AutoGlass® newly enhanced resin is the most superior resin on the market and is injected using professional tools. You may not know what kind of resin you are using to patch your windshield if you purchase a home repair kit.

Training: Repairing windshields is a skill, and it takes experience to hone skills. Safelite AutoGlass employs auto glass repair experts, who go through our exclusive SafeTech™ certification program. The technicians must pass with a score of 85% to start working in the field. Many people using DIY repair kits may have little to no experience and it make take longer than expected to attempt a home repair.

Warranty: Every Safelite repair and replacement is covered by our National Warranty for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. If something goes wrong with self repairs, you don't have that same guarantee.

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